met #LukePritchard after #TheKooks concert! (at Terminal 5)
Waiting for the kooks!


if you wanna take the mbti test, i recommend this one bc its worded very simply

also a tip: answer based on what you naturally wanna do or what you naturally prefer, dont answer based on what youre forced to do


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this truly scared me i thought the legs on the right were some crispy burnt up human legs i need a minute to breathe

we just gonna ignore how fucked up them feet on the left are?
I would like Martin Scorsese to be interested in a female character once in a while, but I don’t know if I’ll live that long.
Meryl Streep pulling weeds (via tarntino)
At what point do you take girls out of school altogether because boys can’t handle it?
Parent of a female teen whose school banned leggings (via yball)
There’s a reason I haven’t addressed my bisexuality publicly till now. From the time I first came out, the gay community at large hasn’t been a place where I felt comfortable or confident expressing who I really am without the risk of being ridiculed or derided. I listened to what gay men and lesbians thought, quite openly, about bisexuals (fence-riders, basically, who enjoy heterosexual privileges while partnering with members of one’s own sex). As far as I was concerned, I was a gay man who was attracted to women, but I’ve seldom come out about that for fear of becoming an outsider among outsiders. I didn’t trust that even my gay male friends (or especially my gay male friends) would relate, and most of all, I didn’t want any of my women friends — mostly lesbians — to ever think my fondness for them was anything but platonic.
When I Call Myself Bisexual | Don Weise for the Huffington Post Gay Voices (via stawpheterophobia)


Manhattan at 6 a.m.

but just click on the picture 
He phoned me and he said ‘oh, I’ve done a video for Cornerstone, I’ve just done it for a laugh, I’ll send it you now and let me know what you think, if we should really do it’ and I watched it and just said yeah, well I can’t be bothered to do it and that was good enough for me
MATTHEW J HELDERS III EVERYBODY (via i-thought-it-was-dark-outside)