neutral milk hotel:)




please let kurt cobain inspire all punk fuckboys to defend women and wear cute dresses

my wrist still hurts from the skateboarding incident

get educated

Feel Like A Tourist: a free vacation
Tourist | Julian Casablancas
Ni**as In Paris | Kanye West & Jay-Z
Australia | The Shins
Mykonos | Fleet Foxes
Miami | Foals
505 | Arctic Monkeys
Monte Carlo | U.S. Royalty
California Daze | Peace
Walcott | Vampire Weekend
Chicago | Sufjan Stevens
Manhattan | Kings of Leon
Island In the Sun | Weezer
Norway | Beach House
England | The National
Paris | Magic Man
Francisco | Swim Deep
Welcome to Japan | The Strokes
Amsterdam | Daughter
Postcards From Italy | Beirut
Holland, 1945 | Neutral Milk Hotel

listen here

Abbey Lee Kershaw @ Hakaan Spring 2012

My phone is semi broken

Drake/Arctic Monkeys - Hold On We're Going Home (split)
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